Como limpar manualmente os rolos de accionamento?

To give the Tattoo RW a thorough cleaning, we recommend that you clean the card drive rollers in addition to the maintenance of the cleaning roller and printer interior.

  1. Check that your printer is switched on.
  2. Press the sides of the loader and remove it from the printer by lifting it out.
  3. Open the printer cover.
  4. Remove the front cleaning rollers.
  5. Locate the four drive rollers.
  6. Get a new cleaning card.
  7. With your left hand, push and hold down the push-button of the control panel.
  8. This will activate the rollers.
  9. To clean the rollers, place the cleaning card on each roller with your other hand.
  10. Feel free to use more than one card to completely clean the rollers.
  11. Once cleaning is done, put the cleaning roller back in, ensuring it is well in place.
  12. Close the printer cover.
  13. Put the card loader back into the printer until you hear the CLICK.