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Próximos Eventos

  • Abr24 - 272017

    Salón de Gourmet, Meet Evolis booth #8B06

    Maesof, Evolis reseler in Spain, will be presenting Edikio Access & Duplex at Salon de Gourmet, major event dedicated to the delicatessen products

  • Abr26 - 282017

    China Vending Show

    Evolis will be exhibiting to CVS, meet us on booth W1A21-W1A20! It is focussed on Self-service, Kiosk & Vending offer

  • Abr26 - 282017

    ID4Africa, meet us on booth B19-20!

    Evolis will be exihiting to ID4Africa, Windhoeck (Namibia). ID4Africa presents wide range of innovations related to identification technologies, smart cards, system integration.

  • Abr27 - 282017

    Cartes Afriques, booth C29

    Cartes Afrique in Marrakech focusses on Cards&Payment, Identification and Mobile technologies and discussion about the evolving role of e-Gov implementation in the region.

  • Maio 1 - 32017

    Connect ID, Meet Evolis on booth #108

    Connect ID will take place May 1 - 3, in Washington. Connect ID is an innovative international conference and a free global exhibition focussed on all aspects of identity technologies.

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